​​Now offering Physical Vascular Therapy. This therapy is a method to help increase oxygen & blood flow uptake in the body & eliminate waste & toxins.  

This therapy aids & supports:

- Improved blood flow

- better circulation

​- removal & discomfort

- more energy

- less stress

- better sleep

- improved heart health

- better joint health

- increased cognitive ability

- faster workout recovery

- improved strength

​- boosting immune support

- improved detoxification

- healthy aging

- enhanced oxygenation

- prevention of sickness & disease.

🎈Happy Birthday🎈 from me to you.  As a special gift 🎁 to you during the month of your Birthday 🎉, let me treat you to a "special  savings".  Surprise savings revealed at time of booking.😊

Sometimes all we need is somebody to listen to us with an open & loving heart.  I am happy to be there for you & provide you some platonic company in a public setting.  My taste in food is wide & I love trying new restaurants.  I enjoy Thai, Venezuelan, Japanese, Italian, love seafood & much more. I really enjoy quaint restaurants with a good vibe as I am always posting reviews on places I have tried & taking pictures of my meal & posting them to my Instagram page.  I love people & I can assure you that if I accept your invitation you will be in loving hands & have a wonderful time with me.  I love to laugh & smile & create positive memories.

                                          Special Offers:

                                         Open Heart Intentions
                                 A 'Purveyor of Touch'

                              in a Touch Starved World

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