'Spirit from Earth' by Francisca, Contemporary Artist in Wilmington, NC.

Mindful Loving Touch~ Cuddling & Massage:

  Open Heart Intentions
A 'Purveyor of Touch'

in a Touch Starved World



DECEMBER UPDATE:  For 2 years I have lived in excruciating physical pain throughout my body.  For the last 6 months I have been wheelchair bound, and still sharing mindful loving touch with guests.  Oct. 28 was my last session.  The pain in my body became too agonizing to continue.  

Not many people know that my husband Michael walked out of our marriage Feb. 14, 2018. Fifteen months later the universe blessed me with a ruggedly handsome gentleman with old school values & principles.  I am so very lucky to have met such a loyal, patient, dedicated, passionate man to share my life with.  My new husband ironically is also named Michael.  Aug. 3 we got married. 

My husband was able to provide me the help I needed medically.  Dec. 19 I went to the hospital for a spinal decompression, laminectomy & lumbar spinal fusion.  Once the surgery was underway it was discovered that there were additional issues that had not been revealed by the MRI or X-rays.  These issues are making my healing much more complicated.  As a result I am currently not able to meet any new guests as I am concentrating on my recovery.  Your positive energy is welcomed.  

I only see a few people per week so my energy is high 💗.  ADVANCE APPOINTMENTS ARE ENCOURAGED & APPRECIATED.  I need at least 24 hours notice.

My sessions are exquisitely facilitated with true compassion and empathy towards your personal need for unconditional love & affection.  Your time with me is never rushed & you can count on leaving refreshed, spoiled & well cared for!  I encourage you to drop your expectations at the door & allow each moment to unfold naturally.










                        🤗"OPEN HEART CONNECTION" ~ CUDDLE THERAPY🤗


Many times in our day to day life we do not receive enough adequate time & attention from others.  We have crazy, hectic schedules & finding time to relax becomes nearly impossible.  We sacrifice intimacy for working longer hours, but the truth of the matter is intimacy with others is one of the essential elements to make human beings happier. 

Cuddling is one of the simplest way to experience the intimacy we all need. It is not just for women, men love & need it as well.  We all benefit from being held.  Many of us are without a partner & just long to feel another loving soul near us.  Some of us are going through a difficult time in our lives & just yearn to be embraced.  The reasons for wanting to curl up with another human being are endless & let's face it cuddling feels really good!

Cuddling has many benefits.  When we nuzzle up to another human being we release oxytocin, the feel good hormone.  It also makes us feel connected.  When we release that hormone it boosts the immune system by increasing hormones that help fight infection & make us feel like nothing can hurt us.  Cuddling helps relieve pain by releasing oxytocin.  It also helps reduce social anxiety & reduce stress by releasing the hormone cortisol.  Oxytocin inspires positive thinking.  Hugging increases oxytocin levels.  This chemical can help reduce blood pressure which reduces the risk of heart disease.  Meaningful touch in a relationship is just as important as communication.  Taking time out of your busy day for just a 10 minute cuddle time with your partner can have amazing benefits to your relationship, deepen the connection with one another as you are setting aside time to concentrate on one another & enrich your positive state of mind.  It also can lead to further intimacy as non erotic touch can release the hormone dopamine which increases sexual desire. Cuddling also helps you sleep better.  A simple 10 minute ritual of being close to your partner before bedtime triggers your body to release oxytocin that bonding hormone to allow you to have a better sleep.  

At my sanctuary I am offering you a safe, nurturing environment where peace & serenity surrounds you.  I am happy to hold you or we can hold one another.  Last but not least make sure to bring your life stories & your laughter with you.

"It was an amazing time with Sunshine's touch & sensual relaxation service. She made me feel very welcome and comfortable in her home. The atmosphere was soothing and calming. I was brought from a lost soul to looking forward to finding happiness in life with mindful connections. Trying to find the new me & needing that reassuring outlook on life was a wonderful time well spent."  1/17/18

Cancellation Policy:  Now found on my contact & screening page.  Make sure to read it so there are no surprises.




                                          💕"OPEN HEART ON FIRE"💕 

Experience a genuine, loving connection of the heart, mind, body & skin.  You will be pampered from head to toe in a safe, nurturing, loving environment.  

​Respectful, loving touch welcomed (feather touch & being scratched).

Make sure to check out the "Special offerings" page.

"No words can adequately describe Sunshine and how she can completely reinvigorate and rejuvenate your life, but I shall try. She is one of the most, if not the most, unique and special people I have ever met. The world would be a much kinder place if there were more people like her. I somehow discovered her website and two things caught my eye, one of them is between myself and her. The other is the massive energy I can see radiating out from her in her photos. This isn't merely charisma or sexuality. It's much more. From just her photos, I can see the compassion, love, tenderness, empathy, concern, and warmth she has for everyone she meets. This energy also radiates through her fingers into you during the massage. I was probably the most nervous first time client she ever had. But in mere minutes she had me calm and completely relaxed. However nervous you may be at first, she will assuage whatever is causing your uneasiness. While you are with her, her entire focus is on you. She would make a great shrink. In fact she is somewhat of a shrink because she has all the requisite qualities. She's great at getting people to relax, being easy to talk to, getting people to open up, being compassionate, and being empathetic. She is also a superb life coach. Her sessions will enrich your life in realms beyond the sessions and in ways you can't imagine. She is instantly a friend to everyone she meets. Other qualities she has in copious amounts are: intelligence, common sense, poise, and elegance. As she says on her website. She is highly selective about whom she takes on as a client. If you're one of the lucky few, you won't regret spending time with her."  4/16/18

"Ladies, this is something you must experience.  I just had my 1st (of many more planned in the future) "Open Heart on Fire" session with Sunshine.  As she advertised on her web site it is spot on with the description of the special touch and open heart she gives you.  After my session I was blown away by the way her amazing touch made me feel.  It's hard to put in into words, but I will try.  I've had many massages thru the years (Swedish/hot stones), but this one was much more personnel and she was able to connect with my inner soul.  Just the way Sunshine used her total body to connect with my body in a way I've never experienced.  I was on cloud nine the whole drive home.  I would recommend that any woman who wants an extra special massage to contact Sunshine.  For all those husbands/boyfriends who are looking for the perfect surprising gift, give her a session with Sunshine. You will reap the rewards in the long run." 2016 review

"I had the very good fortune to visit with Sunshine today for her Hearts on Fire session, and was completely blown away by the quality of the care I received. She offers a unique combination of erotic, therapeutic, and sensual touch that awakens the very soul. She is very personable, easy to talk to, and a great listener, even when nothing audible is being spoken. She is quite beautiful inside and out, and I am very much looking forward to visiting her again, hopefully, soon."  2017 review

​"I have had about 4 sessions with Sunshine and it gets better every time. She always makes me feel relaxed and comfortable and that makes our time together very enjoyable.   I recommend it for anyone to try it and you will hooked. I cannot wait to book another session with her."   2019 review

Cancellation Policy:  Now found on my contact & screening page.  Make sure to read it so there are no surprises.







  Service Disclaimer:

Massage Therapy is a professional occupation regulated by state of VA .  I do NOT provide massage for any preventative, restorative, or therapeutic treatments of any kind.  If you have an injury or medical concern, please consult your doctor or seek out a licensed massage therapist.


Jesse, Caffyn, Erotic Massage For Healing And Pleasure plus Orgasm Coaching, Genital Anatomy, Scar Tissue Healing and more from a pioneering Somatic Sex Educator, www.erospirit.ca.

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Gorgeous paintings & pen & ink drawing by my dear friend E. Francisca Dekker, contemporary artist in Wilmington, NC.  http://www.redtulipstudio.com/


















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