Open Heart Intentions
                         A 'Purveyor of Touch'

                       in a Touch Starved World

2019 Reviews:

"Hi Sunshine,
Thought I would write a review for you because that experience was amazing. 
I met with Sunshine for a meet and greet. I was debating on getting a regular massage when I first came across her site. I was a bit skeptical at first but luckily I was open minded enough to give her a try. Boy am I glad that I did. She welcomed me into her place and made me feel comfortable. She guided me through the whole experience with her soft touch. She was very professional and I felt relaxed. I will definitely be going back the next time I need a massage."

"My sleep last night was very deep.  It was like I was traveling to the moon in a very comfortable capsule.  My dreams were amazing.  I felt my body now had a sense of calm like cutting the light switch from a bright powerful light to a soft plush light.  I also experienced touching my body more with a soft touch.  I had a touch of feeling like I really felt my fingerprints.  I am more aware of my body's needs to be touched & I have been neglecting it from head to toe.  I thank you Sunshine for opening the door for something that's so much needed..."   

2018 Reviews:

"I have known Sunshine for about 7 months now.  She has posted two other reviews of mine.  But this review is a different subject matter.  Sunshine is excellent at what is known in the world of mental health as a gatekeeper. Gatekeepers in this meaning of the word are non-mental health professionals that someone who needs someone to talk to can turn to so they have someone to discuss their problems with.  Bartenders are an example of this. Sunshine is excellent at this because she is an empath, excellent listener, and because of her true concern, caring, and deep compassion for other people.  One particular instance of this concerns a traumatic event in my childhood.  I carried it around for decades only partly resolved.  I felt the need to talk to her about this and afterwards I felt so empowered, relieved, and that a great weight was finally lifted.  I was no longer afraid of this old event.  I felt like a new person." 

"I usually never write a review of any kind for anything that crosses my path, but the experience I had with Sunshine last week needs to be expressed.  After a few very brief emails and text messages, Sunshine asked if we could talk by phone.  Once on the phone, we just opened up with each other and it flowed like we were old friends reconnecting after years apart.  It was weirdly strange to be that comfortable with someone I hadn’t met yet but very refreshing to have heard her voice.  The session was confirmed and I arrived the next day.  Once she opened the door I was smitten with her smile and sensual beauty.  A nice hug soon followed.  We talked for about an hour or so and it was very nice to hear her opening up to me as I was opening up to her.  Finally, she asked if I was ready for the session we had discussed and we entered a very special sanctuary.  The oils were hot.  The music was soothing.  Her first touch on my shoulders with her nails, had me hooked.  I just relaxed at this point and let Sunshine work the magical sensations she provides with loving energy.  Every inch of my body surrendered to her touch.  It was amazing to feel her body against mine and the “loving touch” she provides is second to none!!  I will never forget her first touch and now, spending time with her after my session, I have found a loving and caring soul.  My next appointment awaits!!!
Guys and gals, it’s worth every minute you can spend with her.  You have to experience her “loving touch” for yourself!!" 

"Sunshine fits the bill for this woman. She is a ray of sunshine when it comes to making your body feel wonderful. Hands of gold, soft, sensual and truly a loving touch. If you don’t walk away saying “wow” then you need to check into the nearest mental ward (lol). Highly recommended and the best massage I have ever experienced bar none and very professional. I’m hooked and you will be also. "  Dr. R

"If you are like me, you probably are skeptical about any online advertisement that promotes something too good to be true, that is until you read Sunshine’s reviews. Let your heart not be troubled, Sunshine is really that brilliant. Her hands are so hot that they will make you melt into a helpless puddle. Believe me, you won’t be disappointed."

"I am not sure if you remember me or not & honestly the most amazing time with you while I was in Norfolk.  At any rate I am on deployment now and well honestly have been thinking about you and wondering how you are?  I will be back in the area, not sure when but I really if you are still providing sessions would love to spend time with you.  To this day I can't still put into the  correct words what a night of bonding and feeling a closeness and comfort like that ever.  Your presence, beauty, voice, and hospitality honestly leave me craving more time with you and to feel well, alive.  I am about to get some R&R in Crete and well I was wondering if I may get you something?  I noticed the art and décor in your house and room and wanted to get a small token of simply how amazing you are.  I do regret not getting the time to leave a proper review, but every time I began to write one it became very erotic and sensual and I don't want people to think that is strictly  what you offer because what you offer is in fact that, but on a deeper and sensual level.  For those hours with you I felt like I ruled the world and I was all you cared about.  Laying with you in my arms and just talking and touching I felt a bond (to me) that honestly probably would never be replaced and then of course there is your massage and well YOU!!  I can still see you,  your hair, eyes, body, & your exquisite curves." 

"No words can adequately describe Sunshine and how she can completely reinvigorate and rejuvenate your life, but I shall try. She is one of the most, if not the most, unique and special people I have ever met. The world would be a much kinder place if there were more people like her. I somehow discovered her website and two things caught my eye, one of them is between myself and her. The other is the massive energy I can see radiating out from her in her photos. This isn't merely charisma or sexuality. It's much more. From just her photos, I can see the compassion, love, tenderness, empathy, concern, and warmth she has for everyone she meets. This energy also radiates through her fingers into you during the massage. I was probably the most nervous first time client she ever had. But in mere minutes she had me calm and completely relaxed. However nervous you may be at first, she will assuage whatever is causing your uneasiness. While you are with her, her entire focus is on you. She would make a great shrink. In fact she is somewhat of a shrink because she has all the requisite qualities. She's great at getting people to relax, being easy to talk to, getting people to open up, being compassionate, and being empathetic. She is also a superb life coach. Her sessions will enrich your life in realms beyond the sessions and in ways you can't imagine. She is instantly a friend to everyone she meets. Other qualities she has in copious amounts are: intelligence, common sense, poise, and elegance. As she says on her website. She is highly selective about whom she takes on as a client. If you're one of the lucky few, you won't regret spending time with her." 

"Sunshine is a truly special person, full of energy, kindness, and empathy. She makes you feel welcome right away and you get so relaxed during her session, She will rejuvenate your life!"    

"Thank you for a fantastic session this morning.  It really opened my eyes on what I need to work on for myself.  I was feeling closed up and shy around you and that really doesn't happen anymore to me and I felt really comfortable around you too so that really surprised me.  But you are such a phenomenal , elegant, unique woman.  No one can ever cover up your sun rays and change who you are and what you bring to this world." 

"It was an amazing time with Sunshine's touch & sensual relaxation service. She made me feel very welcome and comfortable in her home. The atmosphere was soothing and calming. I was brought from a lost soul to looking forward to finding happiness in life with mindful connections. Trying to find the new me & needing that reassuring outlook on life was a wonderful time well spent."

2017 Reviews:

 "You are an angel of mercy to all you touch both physically and emotionally!  You are an amazing woman and touch people down to the soul!  Many will only experience the physical because that is as deep as they can get with themselves.  You are able to get so much deeper with those who seek it and allow themselves to receive it!  Such a gift has life changing effects!!"

"Ladies and Gentleman, just the other week I had my second "Hearts on Fire" session with Sunshine, and I'm here to say it was well worth the nearly four hour drive from the western part of VA (the Shenandoah Valley).  She has an unmatched ability to make you feel comfortable and welcome the moment you enter her front door.  The complimentary cuddle session she offers is worth the drive all by itself!  When you are with Sunshine, you are the most important person in the world at that moment.  She uses her hands and body in a way that brings both healing and satisfaction.  Sunshine is a treasure to be discovered.  You owe it to yourself to make an appointment and take a drive."

"What can I say about Sunshine and her wonderful cuddle sanctuary?  She is the most amazing person, with the most incredible touch I’ve ever experienced!  I spent the most wonderful 2 hours with her.  As soon as she touched me, she could read me, know my thoughts, feel my feelings.  It was an awe-inspiring experience!  The room was candle lit, soft music was playing, and this beautiful woman laid next to me, cuddling me, touching me, awakening all my senses, and nurturing my soul.  She helped me to feel so at peace with myself as we talked and touched.  To be able to reciprocate at the same time, to touch her soft skin as she did the same to me, was euphoric!  I’m so thankful for that time with her and I can use this experience to improve my marriage, giving this gift of touch to my wife."

“My husband and I celebrated our 30th anniversary by spending a relaxing weekend with Sunshine and Michael. Immediately we felt like we had been friends for years. We really enjoyed their private clothing optional backyard oasis. They served us delicious healthy food and fun conversations! But most important was the massage. WOW!!! I never realized I could be brought to such heights of ecstasy. I was in a constant state of wooing, awing, cooing, and squealing. My husband very much enjoyed watching my pleasure. When it was my husband’s turn to get a massage, I was a little apprehensive if I would be comfortable. To my surprise, I thoroughly enjoyed it and learned some great techniques to take home. On our 3 hour drive back home, we talked non-stop about our weekend experience and planning how soon we could come back again.”

"Had my third visit with Sunshine in the last nine months this past Saturday the 5 of Aug.  Again Sunshine used her amazing loving touch with her loving heart and soul to provide me with another ultimate two hours of relaxation and bliss.  This beautiful lady through her loving touch and positive energy again made me feel so incredibly special.  Sunshine my sessions with you have been so inspirational to me and is very much appreciated and respected. 😀 "

"I found Sunshine online but once I read through her website I realized that I had to experience this for myself.  Her touch sessions are truly a one of a kind experience. I always felt very welcome in her home and she treated me with such warmth and kindness that I appreciated her touch even more.  I’ve had multiple touch sessions with Sunshine and she always made me feel special each time. I do consider her a friend and found she really does cherish her clients.   My times with her and Michael were very sensual, pleasurable, and relaxing and I would recommend her to anyone seeking a unique massage experience."

SHEER BLISS :  "My partner and I had the pleasure of visiting Sunshine and Micheal this weekend and I must say it was a visit we will never forget. From the warm welcome to the relaxing and serene atmosphere, We felt like we had known these two amazing people for years.  Everything was relaxing and serene and zen-like. I have never experienced a situation where I was so totally relaxed that I couldn't  move. It was almost an out of body experience. My partner was also taken to another level . On the 4 hour drive home we were talking about when we could go back again. Sunshine and Micheal are wonderful and I hope we will be able to continue our relationship.  Can you guys move closer to us? PLEASE!!! I don't have to tell you what you did for us...after all you were there. Thank you so very much for the awakening."

"Just this afternoon, I experienced the "Open Hearts on Fire" session with Sunshine.  It's official, I am now permanently spoiled, no other massage will ever do!  Sunshine puts heart, soul, and body into her work and it clearly shows.  It was like time stood still, and I was taken to new heights of bliss and pleasure.  You owe it to yourself to make time in your schedule for a massage with Sunshine.  I know that I will be looking for every opportunity to reconnect with Sunshine and her exquisite touch, even though I live nearly four hours away.  The experience is that worth it.  As Sunshine recommends, 90 minutes is a bare minimum to experience what Sunshine has to offer.  Listen to her!"

"I had the very good fortune to visit with Sunshine today for her Hearts on Fire session, and was completely blown away by the quality of the care I received. She offers a unique combination of erotic, therapeutic, and sensual touch that awakens the very soul. She is very personable, easy to talk to, and a great listener, even when nothing audible is being spoken. She is quite beautiful inside and out, and I am very much looking forward to visiting her again, hopefully, soon."

"Warmth and excitement greets you at the door coming and going. Sunshine's massage is a place in time you don't want to leave. I am near 70, an old retired Senior Chief and literally left feeling like Daddy Warbuck's. Sunshine's techniques, massage completeness and gentle relaxing methods are second to none. I have never been more relaxed and pampered in this type of nice environment "ever". Sunshine and Michael are just wonderful people they really are. I am committed to them and no-one else. The music, oils, creams, candles and Sunshine make you leave your shoes and worries at the door, This is a 5 star service and 5 star owners. You have to experience it truly know how wonderful Sunshine and Michael are as your hosts. I will comment again after my 3rd session because there is always something new to experience which is wonderful. Thank you Sunshine and Michael for providing this exquisite service. Love you guys."

"OMG! Sunshine is simply amazing with her loving touch.  Our couples massage did not disappoint. Sunshine and Michael set us at ease with open arms.  We felt like long lost friends seeing each other after years of being apart.  It was fantastic how Sunshine worked her magic on our bodies with her special oils.  The soothing warm oils made our experience unbelievable.  Also their home is in a very discreet and lovely neighborhood.  We would recommend anyone wanting to be totally pampered to book a session."  

2016 Reviews:

"I was looking for a birthday present for my wife who's birthday falls near Christmas.  It is a tough job to separate the two. She does love pampering but the normal spa experience is nice but too mechanical.  She loves touching, being naked and more than just a Swedish type massage.  I looked for months and I did keep running into Sunshine's ad.  I finally checked out her web site and gave her a call.  She took the time to find out about my wife and me before even booking an appointment.  I booked a couples massage for my wife's birthday and one for me just before to check it out.  It was amazing.  I was worthless the rest of the day.  Wow!  She was worried that my wife is straight and not much into being touched by a woman.  This is not a massage for sex but a lot of skin and body contact.  I told her I thought my wife would love it.  Sunshine and Michael went out of their way to make it a special day for my wife and it turned out far better than I could have hoped for.  My wife will go back to see her again.  If you are female, male or a couple do not miss out on this experience.  It is the most relaxing time we have ever spent and Sunshine truly loves what she does." 

"I found Sunshine's web page online. After reviewing her site several times I was intrigued by her session description. I also researched her teachers. I was in her area on business and decided to make an appointment. This was a new experience for me and after a phone conversation with her I thought I had a good idea of what to expect. I was expecting an erotic experience. I have a good imagination, little did I know what was to come! Upon arrival I found her more than welcoming and was almost instantly put at ease. After a few minutes getting to know each other she lead me to her massage room. I undressed in the bathroom and was treated to a pleasing shower and gentle scrub. After the bath I returned to the massage table and this was where the most sensual experience I have ever had began. The massage began and ended with warm oil. The website describes her using every inch of her body in the massage and I was not disappointed In her website and she states there is no sex. The website is correct. The experience was better than sex.  It is something I will never forget. I left her sanctuary with a type of euphoria I have never experienced. It has been several days now and I am not over it yet. I will rush back to her sanctuary the next time I am in her area." 

"Ladies, this is something you must experience.  I just had my 1st (of many more planned in the future) "Open Heart on Fire" session with Sunshine.  As she advertised on her web site it is spot on with the description of the special touch and open heart she gives you.  After my session I was blown away by the way her amazing touch made me feel.  Its hard to put in into words, but I will try.  I've had many messages thru the years (Swedish/hot stones), but this one was much more personnel and she was able to connect with my inner soul.  Just the way Sunshine used her total body to connect with my body in a way I've never experienced.  I was on cloud nine the whole drive home.  I would recommend that any woman who wants an extra special massage to contact Sunshine.   For all those husbands/boyfriends who are looking for the perfect surprising gift, give her a 90 minute session with Sunshine. You will reap the rewards in the long run." 

"I had an Open Hearts on Fire session with Sunshine the other day and it was the very best massage experience I have ever had. Her web site is spot on with the description of the special touch and open heart she gives you. I was welcomed at her home in a very safe location with open arms and a great smile. Sunshine totally put me at ease and made me feel very special like I was her number one client even though this was my first visit. After the two hours of using her special touch on me you can tell she puts her total heart and soul into her desire to make your visit a very emotional and physical satisfying experience. I can honestly say after having many massage experiences I can never remember my body and mind reaching such a level of peace and relaxation. I cannot wait for my next opportunity for a session with Sunshine. :)" 

"Twin Souls on Fire" was my 1st experience with an erotic massage.  This is not your "typical" massage.  It is so warm, loving, and erotic.  From the moment I walked in the door, Sunshine and Michael made me feel so at ease.  They took the time to sit with me, explaining what would happen and asking if there was anything that would make me uncomfortable.  As a woman coming from several abusive  and unloving relationships, this experience was absolutely amazing.  In the massage room, I found that they both have such warm and loving touches.  With this touch I was able to let go of all of my inhibitions and truly and completely enjoy myself.  There was no fear of judgement or rejection.  This is something I will do again and definitely recommend to everyone.  Thank you so much."

"You will realize immediately upon introduction, that Sunshine & Michael have created a calming yet exciting oasis in a frenetic world. The "Twin Souls on Fire" offering can only be described as "other worldly." Time, space and sensation are masterfully manipulated across a full spectrum of intensities. Quality, cleanliness, professionalism and respect, are the first words I would use to describe the environment in which your thrill ride will occur. I look forward to the next adventurous journey! Bless you both."

"My time with Sunshine was one of the most erotic and loving experiences I have ever had. She totally put me at ease as she welcomed me into her home. I felt as if I had known her forever after spending just a few minutes with her. Her touch is beyond description. It was an amazing experience. I look forward to seeing her again."

"I enjoyed visiting with you.  You are an exceptional communicator and are truly passionate about helping people feel better about their lives, no matter their circumstances.  You have incredible people skills.  You truly enjoy meeting people and transferring your passionate concern for others through touch and conversation in a most comfortable and pleasant atmosphere.  Quickly, I felt I had known you for years. I only wish I had met you sooner."

"I wanted to say thank you for one of the most relaxing and exciting massages I have ever received. I was taken to so many different levels during the session. Never have I felt the sensations like I did during my session. 4 hands constantly rubbing and massaging ever inch of my body was pure bliss. Thank you for the best erotic experience of my life."

2015 Reviews:

"Thank you Miss Sunshine.  I just wanted to let you know I feel great & that was the best massage I've had.  God Blessed you with the touch."

"Our visit today for our couple's massage put our minds and bodies into a complete state of relaxation.  My senses were given a double-dose as 4 hands massaged and kneaded every inch of my body, and any care or worry of the day disappeared into the relaxing, aromatic atmosphere of the studio.  I recommend anyone looking for a fabulous care-free massage to contact Sunshine immediately!"

"We are just coming down from the high excitement level from our couple’s massage.  It was out of this world and very relaxing and very stimulating.  As we talked it felt like we have known you guys for years.  It was nice to have talked to another couple who listened and helped with our needs with the couples sensual massage.  We feel we have made a long and lasting friendship.  Thanks for the gifts and we are looking forward to seeing you guys again real soon.  Thanks again for a wonderful time."

"I've never had a sensual massage before, but Sunshine & Michael put all my concerns to rest.  Their gentle touch was intuitively matched to my needs, and never once did I feel uncomfortable or embarrassed (I'm not a 'pretty' person.)  It is plain that they both enjoy this, and they made me feel better than I have in ages.  Everything about the experience was just right--from the quiet neighborhood, to the studio, to the hot oils and warm towels, and the conversation.  I highly recommend."

"After much researching & debating I decided to give Sunshine a try.  I'd read all the testimonies & thought this can't be as wonderful as everyone has said, but I was wrong.  I left more in tune with my body than I was before; there is a stigma out there only males enjoy these kind of massages.  So far from the truth.  Sunshine made feel so comfortable & relaxed from the beginning to the end.  I will definitely be back for another session when I'm back in town."

"Just wanted to say that our couple's massage visit today was an energizing, relaxing, stress-free, ultimate experience for the both of us especially with the tandem massage.  They really are in tune with each other to provide a memorable experience.  We highly recommend it to anyone looking for an hour of spine tingling pleasure where your mind just goes to a place of pure relaxation.  A secure and warm environment."

"This was by far the most enjoyable massage I've ever had.  From the very beginning Sunshine made me feel like we've known each other for years.  Her personality is second to none, and her hands are Amazing.  She communicates the whole time making sure you are okay and is hitting the right spots.  By the end I was in a State of Complete Bliss! Would highly recommend to anyone wanting a First Class Massage."

"I had the pleasure of experiencing a four hand massage yesterday for my birthday.  This was the single most erotic, sensual & arousing experience I can ever remember.  Every single touch & movement that happened between that start & finish sent my body into overdrive.  If it is possible to be 100% relaxed & 150% aroused at the same time, I was there! I will go back for more!  I highly recommend this service & to top it off, this is a warm, friendly & respectful couple that you will feel instantly attracted to."

"My four-handed massage with Sunshine & Michael was an unforgettable experience.  They are welcoming, friendly, compassionate, professional & have exceptional communication with beautiful interpersonal skills.  They made me feel welcome, comfortable & special.  I highly recommend!"

"My massage was one of the most erotic & sensual ones I have ever had.  Heavenly bliss is all I can compare it to.  I would highly recommend the four hands massage to anyone looking for total relaxation."

"What a marvelous experience our Couples massage was!  We cannot express how much we enjoyed our time together with the both of you.  As a senior couple, you led us to experience sensations not often felt.  Totally comfortable and very much at ease with the environment and the respect shown to our situation.  Beyond that we felt like we were visiting "friends."  The snack break was perfect and just talking about life and love was super special.  Thanks again for making yesterday far exceed our anticipation and we look forward to having another session with new best friends Sunshine & Michael."

"From the second we met I felt as though I was running into an old friend.  Even the conversation carried on in a manner like it would with friends who hadn't spoken in ages but could pick up with stories spoken years ago like they were just told yesterday.  Sunshine's massage is something I needed; something any individual who doesn't take the time for themselves to just relax & unwind should experience.  Words could not do her massage justice.  You'll need to enjoy one to know what I mean."

"It was an absolute pleasure to have a 4 handed massage today.  It was the most satisfying and stress relieving time I have ever had.  After working 12 hours through the night that massage was exactly what I needed to get me settled down and ready to handle the rest of the day.  The experience was like having every area of your body that is aching or needing attention getting it exactly the right moment every single time.  Thank you again and I will not wait that long again to call you to schedule an appointment."

"Wow is the first thing we can say about Sunshine & her partner Michael!  We were in the area on vacation.  I called Sunshine & set up our couples massage.  We arrived & it was as if we were life long friends.  This was our first couples massage, but not our last with them.  They're so professional.  They work as one.  The timing of 4 hands on you, moving in perfect rhythm is a touch that can't be explained.  It was the most sensual experience that we've experienced.  Not only were we so relaxed, but very happy when we left.  We would recommend them to anyone.  I promise you won't be disappointed.  We're looking forward to seeing them again soon."

"We thoroughly enjoyed our 4 hands Couples Massage from Sunshine & Michael.  As a middle aged couple who have spent decades together it was exciting & fun to try this kind of massage together!  Sunshine is thoroughly professional & outlines her process while Michael is a relaxing presence throughout the appointment.  The snack break was a delight & the massages themselves were warming, sensual & not rushed.  We are definitely coming back."

"I came to you tired, stressed out, a mind cluttered with tasks and worries. Your incredible massage melted all that away. The soft spa music, the fireplace, & your gentle hands were transcending. You truly have a gift, my aches, pains & worries were washed away.  I left feeling rejuvenated & at peace.  Can't thank you enough."

"My husband and I decided to treat ourselves to a couples massage for Valentine's Day.  He spoke to Sunshine and she told him about the 'four hands massage".  We scheduled a session and were pleasantly surprised with our session. Sunshine & Michael have such a pleasant way of easing the tension and relaxing clients.  We became instant friends and enjoyed the slow sensual massage that was unbelievably relaxing.  A complete massage with no inhibitions! Treat yourself and try it.  You won't be disappointed!"

2014 Review:

"I am still daydreaming about my last experience and it was amazing.  Thank you for an amazing time.  It is nice to know that some people still think that massage is a fine art that has to be developed and nurtured and you are just the perfect person to master that art."

2013 Reviews:

"Her hands ease you into another state of mind....soft touches that arouse the mind, soul, & more.  She is a great person, & the conversation is as magic as her hands on the massage table.  Love getting together with her.  I hope I can experience the magic more often."

"You are what I call an 'Angel of Touch'.  As a healing arts practitioner for 30 years (naturopathic physician and acupuncturist) I recognize that what you offer is a gift that few have!  Empathy suffused with passion, ability, and empathetic insight."

2011 Reviews:

"I have found my road to heaven.   I have never experienced something so wonderful."

"Thank you for the commitment and time that you have obviously put into perfecting your craft.  I have such a high appreciation for your heart and your will.  Peace and many blessings to you in addition to those that come as a result of doing a wonderful service to those of whom you touch."

"Sunshine has a touch that soothes & relaxes.  Her massage is a soul touching experience, a mind altering adventure that leaves your body begging for more.  Her touch aligns the body's energy leaving you in harmony with your with your environment, relaxing your tensions, & melting your stress away.  You can't afford to miss out on the serenity her massage creates.  You will feel her hands for days after experiencing her touch."

2010 Reviews:

"After 6 weeks of sleeping on the ground in a 3rd world country all I could think of was Sunshine's hands kneading my aches and pains away.  It is what I have come to expect.  The time passes quickly, but is NEVER hurried.   She loves her craft and is a master.   A really classy Lady that will have you coming back time and time again.  She is the best!!"

"My session with Sunshine was truly relaxing in mind, body and spirit.  I enjoyed her spirit as much as I did the massage.  There was a gentleness that one seldom encounters.   Sunshine is truly a gift."

2009 Reviews:

"This was one of the best massages I have ever had.  Very stimulating, relaxing, and I felt like Gumby when it was over.  Well worth the 150 mile round trip.  Sunshine was very friendly and personable and had the magic touch with her hands that felt like velvet.  I was truly relaxed."

"I have known this wonderful lady for some time now.  She creates the most serene, relaxing atmosphere & then gives you a massage that is to die for.  I'm putty in her hands as often as possible."

"My massage with Sunshine was phenomenal.  Her touch is simply amazing.  She definitely knows what she is doing. You have to experience her hands for yourself because it's impossible to put it in words.  Aside from her touch, 'she is wonderful to talk to.  I wanted to stay for another hour.  When I got home I slept like a baby and I can't wait to go back."

"I recently had the privilege of visiting Sunshine for the 2nd time.  My only regret is waiting this long to write a testimonial to her wonderful skills.  She is a very kind and wonderful spirit.  Anyone will feel very comfortable in her presence.  After each of my appointments, I felt totally relaxed and renewed.  Her "magic touch" and wonderful, calm demeanor will make anyone relax.  On each occasion, my muscles were so relaxed, they felt like spaghetti!!  Believe me..... make an appointment, and you won't be disappointed!  I plan to be a return customer as often as possible."

"Let me start out by wasting a few lines to explain a little about me.  I am retired Military and receive Disability compensation for chronic injuries to my lower back and shoulder.  I have tried many forms of therapy..  Now on to the great news.  I made my first appointment with Sunshine two months ago.  Words can not express my first experience with her.  I was a little nervous and skeptical at first, but in about 5 minutes, she had me so relaxed and comfortable it was amazing.  At the end of my one hour scheduled session, I was a different person, inside and out.  I felt completely different from how I walked in.  For weeks, my pain never returned.  Although the massage was not performed as therapeutic but simply sensual and relaxing, it was more therapeutic then anything I have ever experienced.  After a month, I returned with a burning desire to experience her touch again.  I must say, I have found one of 'His Angels' here on earth.  I am so proud to say that I have become friends with such a very special and talented sweet lady.  I do not anticipate experiencing this for years to come, it is going to be a lifetime experience for me. Thanks.   You are quite simply put, totally amazing!"

"Simply the BEST!  I've had the good fortune to have traveled the east coast from Montreal to Miami.  Sunshine delivers the best sensuous massage I've ever received.  Do yourself a favor, experience Sunshine's hands caressing you, delivering a fulfilling yet relaxing experience.  I'll be back!"

2008 Reviews:

"Loved it!  Made my knees weak.  Completely professional and would highly recommend and would repeat again!"

"There is nothing in this world that relaxes you more than having an hour of time with Sunshine...the attention to every part of your body with long soothing caresses of holistic oil & the soft touch...the time I have spent in these hands are some of the best times I have ever experienced.  I have been seeing Sunshine for eight months & always look forward to my next appointment.  When I arrive I am greeted with a warm smile & that is just the beginning of an hour that allows me to forget all of my worries & concerns & fall deep into a state of mind that makes me feel special beyond my wildest dreams...to surrender my whole body into her hands & know that as each soft touch leads to another until a full exhaustion of all pent up tension.  I have never felt as though I was ever rushed or hurried...never have been asked to leave until my body has felt tranquil & I feel completely satisfied & rejuvenated.  A satisfied client who tries to return weekly whenever possible."

"I recently had the most pleasurable experience with Sunshine.  The massage was truly heavenly & left me totally exhilarated & relaxed.  Sunshine has an unbelievable gift & shares it freely when giving a complete body massage, I felt like I had escaped my daily life & she took me to a plateau I have never achieved before.  I would highly recommend a massage to anyone wanting an enlightening experience.  Thanks Sunshine for showing me a new level of calm..."

"I would like to recount my most recent experience with Sunshine.  Having not seen her in almost 2 months, I was quite expectant to schedule again when I was last in Wilmington.  It was great to immediately settle into that relaxed, mellow mindset that her approach gives me.  Her touch brought me back to that place I love going, free of cares or worries.  Her expert hands knew just how to nurture my tense, over-stressed muscles.  The conversation was personal & caring, as though I was re-connecting with an old friend.  Sunshine has a great awareness of her clients’ spiritual needs, & tailors her sessions to just that.  I cannot speak highly enough of the work that Sunshine offers.  Her mission is clearly to minister to others through the art of touch, & she is in touch with her own spirituality enough to be able to make an experience with her fully engaging & completely satisfying.  I look forward to again being in Wilmington & seeing Sunshine.  It has become one of the highlights of my “me” time away from work & the rest of the world."

"Massage is her passion & she communicates with others via her magic hands.  When she places her hands on a person their stress just melts away.  The most incredible touch known to man is available through her soft, sensual hands.  Her touch will take you places that you have never been, places that you will want to stay.  Her massage is soothing, sensual, tender & relaxing.  After you have been massaged by her you will beg for more.  Her energy & passion will touch your soul & you will be changed.  She provides an experience in total relaxation.  Give yourself to her magic hands & let your mind wander as she aligns your energy & relaxes your being."


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